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How can I assign a unique lab to each student?

Question asked by gacleader1 on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by gacleader1

I have 10 students and want each student to have a unique lab assignment each week which will be automatically graded by Blackboard.


I see something called Groups, and it looks as though I can create 10 groups, named Student 1 through Student 10 if I would like.


It kind of looks as though some sort of assignment can be made for each assignment, where each one can be given to a specific group (Student 1-10) but beyond that I am lost.  Please base your comments or suggestions on the fact that I am brand new to Blackboard, and am completely lost.  This is my first semester using this LMS, and want to have this ready for next semester.


So am I correct that I create my groups (Student 1-10) first?  Can I easily assign one student to one group after the semester begins, or must I do this when I create the group?  Can I do this in a Master, and then easily assign each student to a group?  (I cannot see who is in my class until the day class starts)


Can I create the lab questions first, and then assign them to groups after the questions are in blackboard?


If I hide all of the labs, so students do not see labs that do not concern them, will they see their lab in their weekly folder if they are assigned to a group?


So many questions, I do not even know what questions I have.


Can someone help?