Ian Holder

Linking teaching and learning tools with student information system

Discussion created by Ian Holder on Sep 3, 2017

The Blackboard Trend report for 01/09, sorry 09/01 , linked to this infographic on Data Interoperability which had some interesting statistics.


One I was confused about was this:



I'm interested in the community's thoughts - is it a problem?  It may be because we do things a certain way I'm blinded to other ways, but I thought the real problem is that these tools aren't linked to the LMS, or some data warehouse showing all analytics, rather than the SIS.  Our marks/grades go to our SIS from Blackboard Grade Centre and that is it...  Do other institutions push other sorts of data, e.g. test results or modules completed, to the SIS?  If so, is this a US Government regulation?


I confess we have a large problem with data integration here, one I hope is fixed.  We use many learning technologies external to Blackboard and I would dearly love these to be integrated somewhere so we could get a holistic view of a student's engagement.  But I'm just not sure the SIS is the place for it.  Happy to be proven wrong.