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Peer review scenario question

Question asked by jo32204 on Sep 1, 2017

Hi everyone,


I have a question about a scenario that an instructor inquired about: he has his class do final group presentations, usually 4 or 5 separate groups.  He then asks the class to write down their thoughts, and evaluate the groups performance by giving them a score (not entirely sure what he uses for point system).  He then takes all those scores, averages them, and uses that for a portion of their grade.  He wants to know if this can be simplified by using Blackboard. 


I've not used the Self/Peer Assessment tool all that much, but this has prompted me to start testing it out.  It looks as though he could use this for students to enter their evaluations, and send the average to the Grade Book.  It just feels a bit clunky to me, as I can't say this group of students should evaluate these 5 students, I seem to only be able to say how many students each evaluator should be responsible for.  The only way I could see around this would be to put in a number that corresponded to the total number of students, and then tell them to ignore anyone who was in their own group.  Then they would also have to give each member of the group the same grade, one at a time...seems a bit tedious.


And then the question was, what do I have students submit for the "submission" portion of the assessment, since they're doing an in-class presentation.  I thought I would have them just give a brief response to the question: "How do you feel you did..." or something along those lines.


What do people think?  Is there an easier way to accomplish this?  It seems like it will save the instructor some time, but create a lot of confusion/work for the students.


I'd love any suggestions.