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Is it possible to open a second attempt with a due date attached?

Question asked by ew40089 on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by jason.hardin

We use 2 attempts on our assignments to allow Moodle to automatically reopen if a student fails.


Students are now freaking out, thinking they failed due to lateness (we apply a 5% penalty per day) because the activity kind of "resets" for the second attempt and displays the SECOND attempt as late, as it's past the original due date. This makes absolute sense. But I'd love to be able to automatically put "two weeks after re-opening" as a secondary due date to reduce confusion.


  • I think this would stop students thinking they failed their first attempt due to lateness.
  • I think it would also be really super helpful for students and staff to know when the second attempt is due! It's based on the date the marker gives the grade, so just putting a generic second date wouldn't work...


We also use the SNAP theme, so after the original due date passes, the assignment doesn't display in the deadlines section. Not sure if that's a problem or not... I realise the potential complexities of raising the assignment from the proverbial death of failure and past due dates! For that matter, it disappears with extensions too. Obviously a blanket for original due dates... great for the rule, not so much for the exception! (wouldn't it be great if everything was neat and tidy and worked for everyone the way we wanted? )


Anywho. Anyone know if this or something like this is possible? If not, I'll submit it as an idea