NEW Student Management optional extension (PS, BN)

Discussion created by rscherer on Sep 1, 2017

Happy Friday!

I am very pleased to share news of a new optional extension to the Blackboard Intelligence Student Management module, announced Tuesday through Behind the Blackboard. If your institution has access to National Student Clearinghouse StudentTracker data, this feature will allow you to easily incorporate this dataset into the Student Management module (PS, BN).


This new extension accomplishes two goals:

  • It eases the manual process of generating a request to receive NSC StudentTracker data. In order to receive NSC data, an institution must create a formatted request file, which specifies the list of students they would like to learn more about. This release includes an SIS extract process which simplifies this task.
  • It allows institutions to easily incorporate the NSC response dataset into the Student Management data model through the addition of new helpers which load the formatted response file into appropriate data objects.


By incorporating this dataset as part of the Student Management data model, institutions will have access to richer insights about how a wide range of performance and demographic factors impact student enrollment decisions. With on-demand access to information about who attends, who leaves, and why, institutional leaders will have the information they need to grow enrollments and keep more students on track for graduation.


This extension is available for BNSA versions 4.1.3+ and PSSA versions 4.1.2+. Release notes are linked through Behind the Blackboard: Student Management (Banner) and Student Management (PeopleSoft). Clients may access release files and documentation via a Behind the Blackboard support ticket.