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How to Single Sign Out from BB and Portal at once if using AutoSignOn

Question asked by rk0055046 on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by jkelley_blackboard

We're using AutoSignOn with BB 9.1 and Enterprise Application "Java".

A user will login into our website app that has links to BB courses. Clicking BB courses link triggers AutoSignOn and user goes to BB using website app credentials.

When the user clicks the sign out link, there is no way to sign out the user from BB. We tried sending a direct request to BB ( with no luck. The student can only logout from our website app but not from BB.


Our website app create Cookies "browser session" as : session_id that could be terminated when student logout using website app.

BB will create Cookies "browser session" as: s_session_id that will remain active when student logout using website app. So if the student click to go back on the browser, he will access the courses as the session s_session_id has not been terminated or changed.

Is there away to logout from both website app and  BB at the same time? Is there a Single sign out option that I'm missing here?