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Script to remove/modify Grade Center columns

Question asked by ac0054325 on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by da31384

A Behind the Blackboard technician told me that by default, the Grade Center of a new course will contain a Total column designated as an External Grade column. We've found that most faculty don't use the Total column, yet it sits there tallying points and confusing students. (It's also not as clear how to hide an External Grade column from the GUI, as you have to go in and Edit the column vs. using a show/hide toggle on the drop-down.)


Our (2000) courses have been automatically created for Fall and we'd like to remove this Total column, which also means designating another column as an External Grade column. Has anyone done anything like this via a script or Building Block?


To create courses next quarter, we're exploring following a process like this, which would solve the issue: Using a Course Template when Batch Creating Classes