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3 questions I'm facing

Question asked by mbarath on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by mbarath

Our school has moved to Blackboard from Angel beginning this Fall. I noticed a few issues and I wonder if anyone has answers. First, Assignments. An Assignment has an Availability section where I can enter a date after which the Assignment will no longer display. I also have a Due Dates section where I can enter a date. However, Due Dates states, "Submissions are accepted after this date, but are marked Late." But I don't want to mark them as late or even imply that I might. I want to stop allowing submissions after a certain date, but still allow students to see the Assignment and its previous submissions.


Second, a Discussion has the same Display Until option, but is there a way to stop accepting admissions after a certain date, but still allow students to view it?


And third, I would like students to be able to view what their peers have submitted in an Assignment. I'm teaching a Photography course and it's important to view the submissions of fellow students. Can they only see their own submission or all submissions? And whatever the default, is it possible to change it?