Weather Emergency Processes

Discussion created by kg37683 on Aug 24, 2017
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So... in the midst of preparing for a hurricane to hit at least two of our three campuses this weekend, I am wondering what brilliant weather emergency processes other Blackboard-using institutions have in place. We are very fortunate to have a university policy that requires all faculty to have at least posted their course syllabus and all grades on Blackboard--which means that all faculty and students already have accounts and use them to access Blackboard.  And, because most of our students take at least one online course during their degree programs, the students are almost all somewhat comfortable with online engagement.  However, only when I arrived on campus this morning and learned that our top administrators had announced that any onsite class meetings that had been scheduled for this weekend on our Houston and La Feria campuses, now would be offered asynchronously online through Blackboard did I realize that we did not have a procedural checklist of things to do in this situation or resources to push to everyone in a proactive way.  Having experienced a major fire on our campus in 2006, we now have become pretty good at emergency planning overall, but I now realize that there is still a lot we can do to be better prepared the next time this type of things happens. 


So, my brilliant colleagues, what do you have in place or what do you wish that you had in place to prepare for the next time that your institution experiences a disruptive emergency during a term?