Add student forum attempts to an existing OpenDB query

Discussion created by tp36301 on Aug 23, 2017

Miroslav Lulic,


I actually referred to this query yesterday and modified it with add the first and last name and targeting a set of Course IDs and a few other areas.


It was originally from this forum: Student submission attachments of zero bytes - Learn 9.1 assignment


Thanks so much for sharing this for use and re-use in the community.  Additionally, do you have an idea of how to also add Submissions that do not have files like Discussion Forum posting dates.  I am trying to pull this together to have back retention data for one of our campuses.


Also, tagging Chris Bray, Brett Stephens, Cliff Weinstein, and Jeff Kelley for ideas to expand this to include discussion form data from students, specially with attempt date dates to get the last post dates.


Any assistance/feedback/direction in schema would be greatly appreciated.




Toni P.