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Allowing test review but still protecting the security of the test

Question asked by on Aug 18, 2017
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I'm the Online Faculty Liaison for a department with multiple programs, some face-to-face and some online.  In one face-to-face program, we're wanting to use Blackboard to administer tests in the classroom (which has computer availability).  Our testing policy requires that we provide an exam review for the students.  When we use paper/pencil tests, students submit the test at the end of testing to the faculty.  At a later date, a test review is held and the faculty provide students with the test they took, as well as a score sheet that is generated from the Scantron sheet the students complete during testing.  If we move to Blackboard testing, there is no way to provide such a score sheet to the students, indicating what they chose for their answers and which they got right/wrong.  I know we can set the exam to provide students to review their answers but we've been told by our IT department that if we set this to allow review, students can continue to access the exam at a later time, which would be detrimental to exam security.  Can anyone share what they have done to allow review of exams in a face-to-face setting, but protect exam security?