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Analytics reports when Analytics isn't working?

Question asked by fthurn on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by tp36301

Hello All,


The Analytics installation at my institution has been reported as not working. I logged this ticket with local IT about 10 weeks ago when I was trying to draw out reports from our last semester of teaching. Originally the reports were just empty, no data whatsoever in them. My local IT department told me Analytics was broken and there was a ticket logged with Bb to fix it. After that I managed to draw out reports from the units I needed them from, but as I've been looking at the data it looks suspiciously similar to last semester's. There were also slight changes in the semester averages between reports for the same semester. I've repeated asked my IT people to ask Bb whether the data I've gotten would be accurate, or whether it isn't. For 10 weeks I've received a "waiting on 3rd party" response from them. I've told them that's not an acceptable response to give for 2 and a half months, but that hasn't changed the response. Could someone please let me know whether the data I've drawn from Bb is even likely to be accurate, meaning I can forge on with my analysis and report writing, or whether it's likely not, please? This situation is currently hindering me getting my job done.


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