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MacOS issues

Question asked by hennigan.thomas on Aug 16, 2017



We reported an issue with the course menu disappearing, shifting, re-appearing, etc. (2017-08-14_16-08-47 - YouTube ). Is anyone else a) having this issue and 2) found a workaround?


Here's what we heard back on our ticket from BtBb:


Hello Thomas,

Thank you for contacting Blackboard Technical Support. This is a known issue that happens with low resolution monitors. The workaround is to zoom-out and refresh the page. I apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused you.


There is currently no set release/patch for a resolution as it is set for "Future Reference", however I will attach your case to the support incident so that you can be kept up to date on the status of this issue.



Dear Thomas Hennigan:


The status of the Known Issue associated with your case 02883887 has been updated to Future Reference to reflect that while it is a software defect, it is not currently scheduled to be fixed.


Our Product Development organization has verified this issue as a software defect. At this time it is not on the schedule to be fixed. Although we cannot provide further information at this time, we recognize the importance of keeping you informed about any news relating to this matter. When we decide in which version(s) we will target this issue, the case information will be updated and you will receive an email notification with the relevant information.


If this issue is critically impacting your production environment, please call us or go to Behind the Blackboard and reopen this ticket.


Please see the Known Issue Article number below. You may search for this number on Behind the Blackboard in the Knowledge Base Search area.


Knowledge Base Article Number: 000047306

Case Number: 02883887

Case Subject: Menu shifts about in Chrome for OSX


Please note that there are some issue types, such as security issues, that do not get published, and if this is a newly reported issue it may take several days for the article to be published. We strive to make the information available as quickly as possible after our due diligence is complete. If you do not see your article published, you may always submit a support case and reference the article number above; our Support Staff can get the available information for you. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this process.


We run Release 3200.8.0-rel.30+16cb269



Tom H.