Assigning courses to nodes using flat files.

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On the office hours today I was asked about assigning courses to nodes in the hierarchy so that technology officers can have a role assigned to them for the "Quick Enrol" button.


Here's a few lines from the flat files that I send to the SIS framework.


This file is for the "course" endpoint, and here are two history courses



HIS-30132-2017-SEM1-A|bbsync.modules.HIS-30132-2017-SEM1-A|High-rise cities: building modernity from the Empire State Building to Glasgow's Red Road blocks [HIS-30132-2017-SEM1-A]|SEM1-2017|N|Y|Y|N|Instructor|2147483648|2040109465|1073741824|Instructor|Continuous|University of Keele

HIS-30134-2017-SEM1-A|bbsync.modules.HIS-30134-2017-SEM1-A|The Making of Middle Britain: A Northumbrian Nativity [HIS-30134-2017-SEM1-A]|SEM1-2017|N|Y|Y|N|Instructor|2147483648|2040109465|1073741824|Instructor|Continuous|University of Keele


This is the "node" endpoint, with just the nodes for adding the faculty of Humanities and social science and the school of humanities underneath.  Note that the parent is empty for top nodes and filled in for children.



HS||Humanities and Social Sciences

SHUM|HS|School of Humanities


Here are the entries for the "courseassociation" endpoint for the two history courses above.  This references the external_course_key from the courses file and the external_node_key from the node file.