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Content Edit tool will not retain/remember a release date

Question asked by kdfraser on Aug 15, 2017

Hello everyone,


I am having issues with setting the 'make available to students' dates inside the edit menu inside content items in Blackboard. It USED to be that I would (for example) make a lecture visible to students on a certain date for a certain period of time using the edit tool. I'd select the EDIT, then set the make available dates.


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.19.53 PM.png


Since a recent BB update at Seneca, that date/time function no longer seems to work. Every time I set it, the date/time defaults to other dates/times - some are random and some are old dates/times from previous copies of the course. This happens for brand new courses as well as courses I have imported from previous semesters.


I found the "Date Management" tool and if I use that I can set the dates/times for the content, but I can't set it within the Lecture/Announcement/Wiki/Blog itself, which is obviously preferable and how I used to work. I removed the Data Management tool using customization but that still won't allow me to set the dates/times.


Has anyone experienced this? Is it a bug in Blackboard or some checked box somewhere in the course settings that won't allow me to set content availability? Any suggestions greatly appreciated - I can't imagine going through the semester and uploading content on the days I want to make it available!


Thank you.