Invitation to participate in Blackboard predictive analytics research

Discussion created by lauren.krznaric on Aug 14, 2017
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Blackboard is exploring additional predictive models, and the following question in particular: “What is the probability a student will return the following semester or year?” I am excited to reach out to this community to collaborate with us on research to answer this question for your students, and help create a future model that we can integrate into Blackboard Predict.


Please see the attached invitation document for further details. If you are interested, there is an acknowledgement section on the last page that needs to be signed and returned via email. Please return to Marlen Rattiner ( to confirm your interest.


What is expected from me if I participate?

We expect active participation in analysis and access to institution data sets, including:

  • Discussions with our data science team about institution learnings and insights about persistence factors and specific variables that affect retention
  • Access to additional student/institution data for model research


What benefits do I have if my institution participates?

  • Research Results.  All results of Blackboard’s research and data science analysis will be shared with your institution. This includes insight into the data model created, relevancy of the different factors, and benchmarks vs. other institutions. These results will be informative for an institution’s understanding and intervention efforts.
  • Promotion and Publicity.  Research findings will be disseminated and will credit the participating institution as a contributing research partner.