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embed any website in the LMS/Microsoft Sway

Question asked by ianaugust45 on Aug 11, 2017

No question here. Just sharing some cool things I found.



Just found this cool thing to allow me to embed any website into an LMS, for example I was using poll everywhere and while you can embed polls into BB you can't actually participate in a short answer poll that is embedded in BB. The embed will still post a link saying click here to take the poll, and you will be taken outside of Blackboard.
Or the Blackboard is so poorly designed, you can build a cool looking course in Wordpress, and embed the whole Wordpress site into BB, the links on the embedded webpage work in the LMS, and do not take you outside the LMS, pretty cool, just use this code, <iframe src="Insert_Web_Link_Here"></iframe>



Remember to click the button load safe script, in your browser or the widget won't open. On another note, I noticed safari is the only browser that auto load these allegedly unsafe scripts.


I also just started playing with Microsoft sway(free). Also very cool, visual, interactive tool, that can be embedded into BB to make your course come more alive. I am testing out the idea of converting all my online course readings into Sway files and embedding them into BB instead of PDF.


I am excited about the potential course designs I can create with these two tools