New Release: Blackboard Predict 201707

Discussion created by lauren.krznaric on Aug 9, 2017

Hi everyone!


I’m pleased to announce the availability of the latest Predict release 201707. This release contains two important improvements: Contextual help understanding predictions & accessibility updates. Release notes are available HERE.



Contextual help understanding predictions

We have introduced a first time user experience for instructors and advisors that provides a brief introduction into how the predictive modeling process works to generate risk scores for students. This includes a link to get additional details from a Help page about how predictive modeling works. In addition, due to feedback from early pilot adopters we’ve removed the probability of passing percentage from the instructor’s course activity report in favor of emphasizing the low/medium/high risk level instead. The probability of passing percentage is still available, included inside a tool tip to provide additional context about what this score really means.



Accessibility Updates

Accessibility is a top priority across Blackboard products and ensuring accessible information for students is paramount. We resolved several high priority student-facing accessibility issues in this release around screen reader performance and table design including:

  • Screen reader order fixed to match focus order of the page
  • All form field labels made unique for clarity
  • Fix to ensure implicit row header cells use the elements in student facing tables


Bug Fixes

We resolved several small issues regarding email, including:

  • Fixed issue with error reports when subject line is too long
  • Added confirmation message when cancelling send message
  • Miscellaneous design improvements to email panel
  • Student rows clickable for advisors on mobile phones



Let us know if you have any questions!