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Why have so many bugs been introduced to the Portfolio system in Q2 2017?

Question asked by chrisboon on Aug 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by chrisboon

With thanks to Yanna Nedelcheva for making me aware of this, it appears that a large number of bugs have been introduced to the portfolio system in the Q2 2017 release.  This is very concerning as it's not been the smoothest tool to used over the last few years, but had been starting to stabilise, but a number of these new bugs sound quite fundamental:


Portfolio Artifact Attachment URLs not Migrated After Upgrade Giving 404 Not Found Error


MashUp In Portfolios Artifact Share Leads to 404


Portfolio Content Editor Unresponsive


504 Error When Attempting to View or Download Portfolio


Portfolios Containing Hyperlinks will Error when Shared and Opened with an External User


Portfolio: when Adding a File Link Within an Artifact Using the VTBE Editor it will only show if Coming from Content Collection


Artifact Page Layout Unstyled


Emoticons do not Display In Portfolio View Mode


We use the portfolio system with our teaching courses, and I'm now very concerned that if we use it this year, we're going to be hitting some major issues.  Yanna mentioned that some fixes would be included in CU3 for Q2 2017, but it would be good to know if there's any underlying problem or reason so many bugs have been introduced in this release, and if there's a plan to fix these quickly.