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Querying Blackboard tables in SaaS

Question asked by patstrong on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by tp36301

I am currently refactoring many of our B2s for SaaS.


Alot of these B2s use sql queries to get information from Blackboard tables (ie not custom tables created with schema.xml) in the database.


I remember hearing that this is 'not possible' in SaaS, but I couldn't see anything about this referenced on the Preparing Your Building Blocks For Learn SaaS and Newer Learn Versions  page.


I am trying to use the APIs where possible, but for some components this has significant performance impacts over just querying the db.  Most of these components relate to obtaining large amounts of grade information.


Is it simply 'bad practice' to query the Blackboard tables directly, or are we actually prevented in some fashion from deploying building blocks that do this in SaaS?


If we cannot query the Blackboard tables directly, are we able to query opendb from a B2?