Solution for My Grades dead links

Discussion created by acbjl.denbraber on Aug 8, 2017

We upgraded to the 2017 Q2 CU2 release a month ago and recently we found that links to assignments in a student's My Grade page don't work in the 2016 theme when you use a small screen.

This issue has 2 parts:

  • The first one is that the mouse pointer doesn't change to a link indicator when hovering the links. This part of the issue is not related to the screen size. This behavior is on both small and larger screens. I managed to fix this by adding the following CSS to one of the CSS files in the theme:
    a {   cursor: pointer !important; }
  • The second part of the problem is that the links are not clickable when using a smaller screen. I found that this part of the problem is caused by a Javascript error (null) on line 91 in mygrades.js. I commented out this section (4 lines) and after that the links work fine.


I logged a ticket for this issue and was told it will be fixed in a next release. I hope however that Bb will come with an office fix for this earlier because it looks like it can easily be fiixed and it's a bug in an important part of the product. The lines I commented out were:


      $('myBbCourseRiskTracker').removeClassName( 'show_right_stream_mobile' );

      $('streamHeader_mygrades').removeClassName( 'show_close_stream_button' );


And I wonder what they were supposed to do. Without them everything within the MyGrades pages seems to work fine so I wonder what the us of these lines was.


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