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Integrating Learning Community Across Courses

Question asked by on Aug 4, 2017
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I have multiple faculty members that would like to integrate a student's learning across courses and particularly integrating their learning within a learning community.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Some possible suggestions have been to create a Blackboard Community Organization, using Bb Collaborate for online sessions, and merging the courses (they would like separate gradebooks which I have done in the past but does have some drawbacks).


I have also used discussions in Bb's xpLor content across two courses. The only issue was posters'names would show up as anonymous in the course they  weren't enrolled in (work-around was to have students post their names in the body).


I don't have the specifics of what they would like yet but it sounds like they would like some sort of collaboration or use of Journals or Discussions across the courses.