NEW DIY resources for all modules!

Discussion created by rscherer on Aug 3, 2017

Hello all!,

Last week at BbWorld 17 we announced some new and updated technical resources that we have made available to our community DIY'ers! In a nutshell, we are centralizing how-to guides and technical reference documentation for common customizations in Behind the Blackboard. Be sure to bookmark and follow the article at for updates!


After you've had a chance to peruse, drop us a line on this thread:


  • Too techy? Not techy enough?
  • Are we targeting the right customization needs?
  • Is the format relevant and helpful?


We are always looking for new ways to present this type of information to the community, so let us know your thoughts! To kick off the conversation, here are some other ideas we've tossed around:


  • Case studies: What did X institution do and how, exactly, did they do it?
  • Community resource share: Suggested by Curt Sherman and Christopher Brandt - would you like a place to trade resources that you have already built for your school?
  • Video/webinar series format


CHECK IT OUT >> Behind the Blackboard