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Admissions Perspective won't Process

Question asked by brandy.thatcher on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by brandy.thatcher

I added a new column/dimension to fact applications. The admissions perspective now won't process. The errors appear to be completely unrelated to the work I just did. The errors are

related to missing or duplicate values for other dimensions that have been there and working (to the best of my knowledge?) I've checked the code in the new helper for the new column/dimension, it works fine in SQL and isn't referring to any of the missing/duplicated value errors or dimensions listed in the processing errors. Any thoughts? Have you seen this before? I have a support ticket in and they are looking at it also. There was a lot and I mean a lot of customization done over about a two year period prior to me starting the position. Is there something specific I should be looking for in terms of troubleshooting? I have gone in a tried to fix the specific missing value or duplicate and it appears to fix that one but when I process again I just get another list of errors for other dimensions.