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I would like to customize our institution's Blackboard learn login page.  I would like the login page to default to our student login ADFS server but have an option to access the Faculty login ADFS server.

Question asked by mb0052290 on Jul 20, 2017
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My institution has two ADFS server farms on two different networks.  We have an academic network with an ADFS server for student logins and an adminstrative network with an ADFS server for faculty login.  Because a majority of our users are students, I would like to have our Blackboard login default to the student login but provide a means for faculty to access their login page.


I am aware of how to automatically redirect to the IdP login page, howerver, having the need for two different login pages is not something I understand how to do.


Any help with this is appreciated.


Mike Betro

Stark State College