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JSF Problem

Question asked by as0045500 on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by as0045500

Hi Guys,


I just started to work with JSF B2b's and realized some things:


. When i use Java Classes with @ManagedBeans, the B2b install's correctly but when i try to open it, it just redirect me to my blackboard home page.
. When i dont use @ManagedBeans, all the .xhtml loads just fine, but cant's access the classes to finish my needs.


Blackboard supports JSF? It works ok outside blackboard, or is that any other config file i'm missing?


I asked this about 1 month ago, and deleted by mistake.


I'm trying to implement a more robust gamification tools using JSF + Primefaces, but the connection beetween my views and controllers are not working as it should, since i need to declare the @ManagedBeans to it.