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Question asked by hs0041430 on Jul 18, 2017
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Hello All,


We want to know if there is a way to pull data about enrollments into courses. We have SIS integration to create courses, users, and enroll students and faculty. We want to get a list of enrollments into courses (NOT creation of courses or users) that were done by SIS integration vs. manual. Any thoughts? Ideas?


REASONING: In case it helps, here's the reason. Currently, our instructors are able to manually enroll users into their courses and assign a course role. While helpful for adding TAs, there have been instances in which students with an account hold in our SIS have been manually enrolled into a course. At the end of the semester, they go to enrollment services and want credit for doing all of the work and getting a grade. FYI - our SIS is the system of record for enrollments and final grades.