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Has anyone migrated to SaaS or Migrating to SaaS using Snapshot Flat File to create integrations in SIS?

Question asked by ra0040735 on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by nathan.mckean

We are in the early stages of migrating to SaaS and i was wondering if anyone that has migrated or is in the process of migrating and if Snapshot Flat File is being used?


We are a Ellucian Banner School and currently use Snapshot Flat File,  We post the feed files to a URL using post ,
feed files are created by Banner then we create an integration in SIS, we then use a script to upload the feed files


I see on Blackboards website that the “Snapshot Command Line Tool” was discontinued and we stopped using it 7 years ago.

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But we are using the following

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It looks like Snapshot Command Line Tool and Snapshot Flat File are 2 different integrations and my main concern is if

Snapshot Flat File will transition over to SaaS if we move or will we need to use a different method.