Open badges

Discussion created by tm37475 on Jul 17, 2017

We have been using open badges to recognise skills development within our courses and I published some of our findings in a recent book Online Intercultural Exchange: Policy,Pedagogy,Practice (Routledge). However, now my site is being migrated into the institutional provision I have concerns about the continuing support of badges that have been awarded. I have posted these to several forums including but it seems no one is sure what provision there is for support in such areas.


A recent query on the UK Moodle listserve was of interest to me. The question of reporting on awarded badges in Moodle was asked and got this response:


"This was a problem I had and have now resolved. I make use of the Configurable Reports block which allows for SQL queries to be run within Moodle. Once these reports are run they can be downloaded as an excel file. 

When you have the block, you need to create a SQL Report and then paste in the query. This query is what you need - . You will find many more badge reports on that page, which could be handy too.


Link to block –


Link to block user guide - "


Anyone else looking for answers on open badges?