Property antargs.default.users.administrator.password is not set, or empty

Discussion created by ra0054623 on Jul 12, 2017
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I am trying to do a new install of Blackboard 9.1 on Windows Server 2012, but I have run into some issues with the installer complaining about:

  • Property antargs.default.users.administrator.password is not set, or empty


Reading the installer documentation (Preparing Installation Properties | Blackboard Help ) it only say "Password for user 'administrator'", not what administrator or what requirements there are on the actual password.


I have tried assigning a hash I found in the BB vagrant developer machine this way:


And this way:


And just a plaintext complex password:



But none of the ways seem to work, what values are valid for the password on a fresh install? And if it is a hash, how do I generate one without Blackboard already installed?