Equipment Check-Out Solutions?

Discussion created by kg37683 on Jul 6, 2017
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We have recently hired a new director for our TV studio and she has presented me with a fun new challenge.  In addition to running our on-campus studio, this new faculty member also will be responsible for managing all of the cameras and associated equipment that we loan to students for outside-the-studio use.  So, she very wisely is seeking an automated scheduling solution that will work within the Blackboard organization in which all of our Communication Arts students are enrolled.  Ideally, the solution would allow students to schedule specific cameras and pieces of equipment (tripods, lighting gear, etc.) for a specific period of time within each semester.  Moreover, she would like for all students to be able to see who has any item in the inventory checked out, so that they could contact the user directly if they wanted to coordinate a hand-off. (We are a small school and the students in this program all know each other, so we don't need to facilitate a communication channel for this type of interaction.)


Some of the options that we are exploring include a Google spreadsheet and our campus room reservation system.  I am curious, though, about what solutions any of you may have tried for similar needs.  Anyone want to recommend using or not using a particular strategy?