Collaborate & Virtual Classroom Questions

Discussion created by mh22766 on Jul 6, 2017
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I am evaluating BB Collaborate. I have a couple of questions for the community.


1. Is it possible for a student to make a screen share full screen?

See video:Collaborate FullScreen? - YouTube


2. Is it possible to share an application like Word, CAD, Powerpoint, etc? I only see to have the option to share my browser window and nothing else.

See video: BB Collaborate Share App - YouTube


3. Are there any rival screen/virtual classroom/webinar software that you think works better than collaborate? Zoom?


So far my initial opinion is that Collaborate works well. I have completed 2 - 60 min webinars today and the polling, chat feature and raise hand features worked well. No glitches.

The downside is how small the screen share is for the students. Hard to see on some screens. I had to zoom in on some items to make it view-able to students.


Thanks for your feedback and help.

~Mike Hart