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How to programmatically import books?

Question asked by on Jun 30, 2017
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we would like to integrate our platform with Blackboard. We have a lot of html-based books that can be exported, if needed, as ePub or Ms Word files.

We would like to automate the book import process in Blackboard, so re-creating all the books via GUI as explained in is not an option. I see Blackboard supports books in html format, so the process shouldn't involve complex data conversion, but i couldn't find any rest call in the official API for book creation in Blackboard. Can someone address me to the relevant documentation (if any)?

I.e, I found in the Common Cartridge page a diagram representing an eBook server (in the Publisher Services box). It seems that the communication doesn't occur through the Common Cartridge, but directly using the LTI protocol. Unfortunately, I couldn't find more detailed documentation.


The question is primarily for the import in courses, but we could be interested in the import to the Blackboard Bookstore Module as well.


Thank you for your help