Benchmarking Blackboard Usage

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I know there have been listserv discussions before about how to determine Blackboard usage and the like, but thought I would start a new conversation on that topic. We are interested in benchmarking what other institutions do to report Bb usage to management. We want to rethink how we approach this to better inform management so they can then drive more awareness and usage of the LMS.



We generate course shells for all courses. We create over 7000-8000 courses shells in Spring and Fall semesters respectively. The provost requires a course syllabi in every Bb course shell. This is done to drive usage and to facilitate efforts for the compliance office . We are manage hosted, but have access to run SQL based reports. We have used this in conjunction with Eesysoft data.



*Where do you get the data, from manage hosting, your own SQL scripts, Google Analytics, other?


*Do you have any parameters to think about? Currently, we look at usage beyond the addition of the syllabus since that is a required action for all instructors.


*Do you rely on clicks, logins, addition of content, if so what is your minimum threshold and why?


*How do you use this information to increase Bb usage?




Appreciate your input,


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