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Unique situation with user admin account

Question asked by ks22582 on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by tp36301

I have an Educational Technologist that keeps getting a java string error when trying to access a video in an instructor's course.  The video was created using our Kaltura Mashup, which in all other cases, it works flawlessly. 


The weird thing is, she only gets it when she uses her admin account, it works fine for her regular account.  I can access it using my admin and in all browsers.  BUT if I impersonate her using her admin account, I get the error as well.  the error is:  String index out of range: -1    For reference, the Error ID is 325d84f2-a340-4edd-bdea-3a0d67f2a1ec.


Any help is appreciated.


Bobbi Bain, Manager
Kent State University