Share your Errors During Upgrading BB.

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You can also share your errors and solutions if you have them.


before start up grading do the following


in application server


- In Windows the CMD.exe window must run 'as administrator'  and the user running must be part of local  Administrators and have full access rights if /content is a share.

- make a copy of the license file used by the current system:

- del c:\installers\blackboard-license_copy.xml

- copy C:\blackboard\config\license c:\installers\blackboard-license_copy.xml



any error reated to DB connection like the following

2017-05-15 09:08:12 +0300 - Error while running tool create-update XXX-XXXX-XXXX BBLEARN XXXXXXX xx.xxx.sa Y


Caused by: com.inet.tds.Tds4SQLException: [TDS Driver] java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect

at blackboard.db.schema.impl.DirectDataSource.getConnection(DirectDataSource.java:46)



- Check this in the SQL server:

1) Expand the SQL Server instance

2) Expand Security

3) Expand Logins

4) For each affected Blackboard database user

5) Right click on the Blackboard database user > Properties > User Mappings

6) Click the ... button

7) Click Browse

8) Check the box next to 'dbo' and click OK

9) Click OK

10) Click OK




2- The Error is: cannot reach the user for database.

a.check the database users in login file if the user is disabled.

b. the users is not connect to the database for i.e. BBLEARN.

c. check the password for the users in the installer.proprties file.



3- Error:  License file D:/bbinstaller/license/bb-license.xml not found

Solution: make Sure you write the correct direction for the license file.