Creating assignments that do not have an online turn-in

Discussion created by db0051441 on Jun 16, 2017
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In Canvas I can create assignments which do not have online turn-ins.  Additionally, I can create assignments which are not graded.  These in combination allow me to create assignments that have a due-date for a paper turn-in, as well as reading assignments that are due on a particular date.  There are no assignment types or options that support this in Blackboard.  I can put reading on the calendar; that is acceptable, but annoying as it is a different interface for both me and my students.  As for paper turn-in assignments, I have no work around that gives good results.  My students get warnings that they have a late assignments, and I get notices of students falling behind.


This seems to be an enormous hole in Blackboard's offering; more than half of my assignments are in-class work that are turned in on paper.

Am I missing something?  Is there some set of options that I just have not seen?

Or, is this really a missing piece in a 20 year old software package; does Blackboard actually not support these most basic teaching techniques; so basic that I hesitate to call them techniques?

Any tips?


Thank you,

Dave Basener