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Use libraries provided by Blackboard Learn for Building Blocks at runtime

Question asked by am0054863 on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by am0054863

Hi to All,

when I develop a Building Block, I'm used to add some dependencies (via Maven) which are required for the compile time and the run time, e. g.:

  • spring-webmvc
  • slf4j
  • commons-lang (or commons-lang3)
  • others...

These jars are then put in the "WEB-INF/lib" folder of the packaged WAR file.

What I'm wondering is if I can avoid adding these jars to the WAR, because they are already present in the subfolders of Blackboard Learn home folder: I can find them in "/libs" and "systemlibs".


Is this possible? If yes, how?


Thanks in advance