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SaveCourseCategory does not perform the process of creating category

Question asked by am0055204 on Jun 7, 2017

Hello fiends of Developer Community Blackboard.


I'm working with Blackboard Web Services. But I have a problem with the operation of SaveCourseCategory wich is located in Web Service of Course.WS


I tried to create a category using this operation and didn't create the category. Into the option of Categories doesn't show me any errors. I'm using

this line of code to perform the operation:


$results=$blackboard->Course("saveCourseCategory", array('batchUid'=>'mycategory','dataSourceId'=>'_2_1','title'=>'New Category'));


Apparently, I have registered  and generated correctly my application and make the token correctly, when I'm using the operation of getCategories of the same web service (Course.WS),

return the information for all categories. This is the line of code I'm using to receive all categories:


$results = $blackboard->Course("getCategories", array("filterType"=> '3'));


I look forward to your help, my best regards


Arodi Monge