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    Config.properties file not replicating across app servers




      I have a development system consisting of two app servers, with Bb Q2 2016. I am developing a B2 tool with around 20 configurable parameters available via a B2 settings page. I am using the Spring MVC 4.2.x framework with two controllers, ConfigBean and a config.properties file located in the src/main/resources folder. 


      When the B2 is installed on the development system the tool appears on both app servers, but the config.properties file is only set on the app server where they are set and I have to manually access the other app server to configure the settings.


      I’m not sure what I am missing and would appreciate some advice. Do I need to set up a listener in my controllers in order to replicate the settings across the app servers?

      I would appreciate any advice.



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          Generally, the config.properties files for a B2 are stored on the file server, so that the settings are shared across all of the app servers.  Are you using any of the Bb API tools for managing the props files? 


          One tool that might be worth checking out is the B2Context package, put together by Stephen Vickers - SPV Software Products: B2Context package ...many great helpers in there.

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              Hi Chris,

              Thanks for your reply. After speaking directly to Scott Hurrey it is there are effectively two home shared file locations for settings. In my example, the settings are going to usr/local/blackboard/cache/vi/plugins<tool>/classes etc.... But to share across app servers the config files need to be located as well in usr/local/blackboard/content/vi/plugins/config...


              There is an article here explaining the changes which was part of recent changes - although I'm not building for SAAS  _ it is the Spring MVC framework that is generating the change.


              I am rewriting my code now to fit in with this new methodology.