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Getting data with REST API

Question asked by whiteR on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by goh.ian

I’m just getting started with the Bb REST API and things are not working as I expected/hoped.


We are running Release 3000.1.4-rel 183+298455c.

I can successfully obtain an authorization token, so the Learn configuration must be correct.


I’m working at getting user information. I had hoped that the parameters would act similar to the WHERE clause in a SQL statement.

When I set the externalId, dataSourceId, username and uuid parameters to the values for my account and send a GET to the ~/user endpoint it returns all the users in our environment.

When I send the GET to the ~/user/{userId} it does return only the data about my account. The userId is the pk1 of my account. How do we know the pk1 unless we query the dB, which kind of defeats the reason I’m looking at REST.


What am I missing?