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Edit Custom report from building block.

Question asked by eh29546 on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by eh29546

Hi everyone


I produced a building block with a number of custom reports using BIRT back in 2014. I've since lost the original BIRT report design files (due to some overly enthusiastic deleting when upgrading my PC). Is it possible to re-create the BIRT project in eclipse from the building block war file? I need to update the report design to include our new company logo. I'm getting so far but its been so long since I used eclipse it I'm a bit lost. I tried re-creating the the report from scratch but although it looks like the Blackboard Plugin is still installed I am not given the option to create a new Blackboard project.


I can import the .war file and view the reports but get stuck when trying to re-build.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.