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Delete Course through SIS Integration

Question asked by salvador.valencia on May 25, 2017
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We are planning on deleting old courses in production that are taking space on our file server (the shared /content directory).

We use a Snapshot Flat File SIS Integration and uploaded a feed file with these columns:



On our initial test we were able to remove a course but found out that all of its files still remained in the 'content/storage/year/year-month/year-month-day/NNNN/' directory.


The deleted course is no longer available in the BBLearn database, the data was successfully removed.

Before deletion we could read the file path for each course's file from the Xythos tables in the BBLEARN_CMS_DOC database.

After deletion these file paths have been removed but the physical files remain.


These files don't show immediately as orphans either.

Do we need to delete these files manually?




Salvador Valencia

Sys Admin

Douglas College

New Westminster, BC