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Formula for calculating weighted grades with zeros

Question asked by jshewell on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by gw0046349

I set up my grade center such that I have total columns for each category, and then a weighted total column that outputs a percentage. The weighted total column uses the total columns with the following weights:


Category 1 - 10%

Category 2 - 15%

Category 3 - 20%

Category 4 - 25%

Category 5 - 15%

Category 6 - 15%


I have it set to use running totals on the weighted total column only. I only have scores entered in Category 1. My weighted score shows 100% for most students because they received the full marks for Category 1. However, I can't figure out how BB calculates the weighted grade to get 100%. The way I understand it, BB calculates the percentages for each category and then adds that up to get the weighted total:


Category 1 - 10%

Category 2 - 0% (no scores)

Category 3 - 0% (no scores)



So, the weighted score should be 10%, not 100%. Can someone explain how BB arrives at the weighted score of 100% and give the formula used? I found this page (Calculate Grades | Blackboard Help ), but it doesn't really help.