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courseMenuCustomCSS Style being injected overriding custom theme style, intentional or bug?

Question asked by mb23565 on May 24, 2017
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We just updated our staging server to Q4 2016 (CU3), will be updating to Q2 2017 CU1 soon, and we have noticed that course menus are not reflecting the css I have set in our custom 2016 theme.


This can be found at the course level:<content_id>&course_id=<content_id>


Is this intentional or a bug? If intentional, then this voids any custom theme that an institution wishes to implement as styles loaded on the page overrides any external css. For now, I will have to use JS Hacks to swap out this style with our preferred styling which is not very clean but since we can't modify the code this is currently the only option I see. Our concern is that if the newer theme are going to be doing this, will there be a more robust theme edit to help overcome this issue?


I have tried to go in to the custom default theme and re-enter the colors and the previewer shows the menu as intended:


Yet in the courses:



Below is the injected style by Bb:


<style type="text/css" id="courseMenuCustomCSS">

.noteditmode .listCm .courseMenu a:hover span, 
.noteditmode .listCm .courseMenu a:focus span {

#courseMenuPalette div.navPaletteContent ul li a,
#courseMenuPalette h3 a,
#previewCourseMenu h3 a,
.navPaletteContent h3 a.submenuLink:before,
.navPaletteContent h3 a.submenuLink_active:before,
#courseMenuPalette div.navPaletteContent ul li a span,
#courseMenuPalette .navPaletteContent .subhead
  color: #003366;
  text-shadow: none;

#courseMenuPalette ul.courseMenu li.divider hr
  background-color: #003366;

#courseMenuPalette ul.courseMenu li h4
  color: #003366;

#courseMenuPalette h4.treehead
  color: #003366;

#courseMenuPalette div.navPaletteContent
  background-color: #FFFFFF;

/*Active course menu view bubble stem*/
#courseMenuPalette .actionBarMicro .active > a:after {
  border-bottom-color: #FFFFFF;



Now the css used to be in: core/theme_specific.css, depending on if someone edited the file; like I have) at lines: 4217 and 4558 where at 4217 seems to be where the new injected style is based off but has been removed in the newer theme for Q4 2016 CU3. The only difference is that the old css had no style being apply and the new style being injected has color and text-shadow being applied. Also, the selectors are slightly modified.