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Has anyone experienced a migration issue related to Turnitin Direct Data moving from Self-hosted to SaaS via cloning?

Question asked by ja25870 on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by sh0043914

I have been told by TII that there is not a migration path for moving from self-hosted to SaaS. We cloned our data - all our PK1s are the same. The TII data appears to have moved OK into the SaaS environment, but when we attempt to create new assignments, we get an error. Turnitin engineers have advised that all TII data and existing assignments needs to be removed from our SaaS production system to get their building block working going forward. This solution creates several issues:

1) While the data remains intact at, it is in read-only format. We may have students taking an incomplete who will be unable to access existing assignments.

2) Faculty may not be familiar with the website. We would have to increase support and training for data retrieval.

3) Many of our faculty copy completed courses from semester to semester. They would be forced to recreate all TII assignments from scratch (and without a previous assignment for reference).

Anyone else run into this issue? How did you resolve it? If you are facing a move to SaaS and use Turnitin, would you be willing to lend your support to TII finding a working migration solution?