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I am in need of ideas/suggestions to manage scantron graded work and Bb gradebook

Question asked by mk31485 on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by rb0048204

How can I EASILY get the scan-tron grades into the Bb gradebook.

All of our Psychology 101 courses will be taking 1 test in class using scan-tron sheets and 2 others in Bb.


I can get a flat file for the scan-tron grades, but I need a EASY way to then get those grades into Bb.

In order to have it work using the existing tools in Bb. 

I will have to have a scan-tron file for each course section AND a downloaded file from the gradebook in Bb .. merge them together very carefully

finally uploading to the course in Bb


#1  is there any way to do this behind the scenes and 'mass' load all of it with one file

#2 any way to automate the merge of the two files so faculty can do this themselves...

Thanks in advance