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Rest API GET requests return status 404

Question asked by rodriguezr2 on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by rodriguezr2

Hello Everyone,


I'm just getting started into Blackboards Rest API and I figured out how to authenticate and use some GET requests but I noticed that any requests that involve course ids do not work for me.


curl -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" $server/learn/api/public/v1/announcements

returns all the announcements I see on my blackboard page

curl -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" $server/learn/api/public/v1/system/version

returns my current blackboard version (3200)

curl -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" $server/learn/api/public/v1/courses/<course ID>/gradebook/columns


{"status":404,"message":"API is not found for the specified URL."}


I also noticed that the following command only returns very old courses(from fall 2011):

curl -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" $server/learn/api/public/v1/courses


i'm not sure if the issue is in the GET request being sent or something not properly configured in black board. If anyone can help me pull final grades from black board i would greatly appreciate it.