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Learning Module TOC: default concertina view

Question asked by sm0077250 on May 16, 2017

We are using the Learning Module container to present the majority of course content, regularly combining Folders and Blank Pages to present that content sequentially. This can mean we end up with a longish Table of Content for the Learning Modules. There does not seem to be any option setting at the Edit build content point for the TOC to be INITIALLY opened in collapsed view. If students need to access Learning Module content in one of the end Folders, they have to scroll down to do this. Question: Is there a back-end setting that default opens Learning Modules in the collapsed/concertina state? Or is there another way someone has found to get away from a long TOC for large course content contained in Learning Modules?

BTW.... I am not referring to the ablity to hide/show the TOC using the existing icon features.