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Question asked by brandy.thatcher on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by ek0042825

As a community college, we've not done much with the admissions perspective and related data/ dashboards in the past. We recently have taken a deep dive into understanding what data we have and what we can do in terms of dashboards and metrics about our applicants. I have lots of questions related to this . For starters, We currently have a distinct applicant count, enrolled count, and a conversion rate, % enrolled/applied. Currently (don't ask how it got this way), we ask students intended start term and we use that as their admit term, never changes, even if they apply and actually enroll in the term before they say they intend to enroll. So, a student says they are coming Fall 2017, that is their "admit term", but they change their mind and enroll in Summer 2017.  With the new application we are launching in the fall, admit term will always be the current registration period in which they are applying, then we'll have another field for intended start term. So how do I set up those metrics? (Note, the way it is setup now, isn't a 100% accurate.) Applicant Count by intended start term and then enrolled count, by enrollment in either admit term or intended start term? Measurements for each one applicant count/enrolled count by admit term/ applicant count/enrolled count by intended start term?


How do others manage those metrics around applicants and admissions? What kinds of metrics are you using? What are the pros/cons? What else should I be looking at? I'm a bit challenged on this data, because we are an open community college, if you complete the application successfully, you are "admitted".  Not every applicant has intention of a credential, so many of the milestones, like transcripts, financial aid, placement testing, may or may not apply. 


Thoughts? Other recommendations, examples of dashboards, metrics that you have built for admissions/applicants that you'd be willing to share or talk with me about?